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At Clark's we have been providing one of the finest Boys Instructional Programs in Maryland since 1974.  Instruction is presented in a fun format.    Seeing is believing! come to our gym and observe a class!



SPRING SESSION - MARCH 16 TO MAY 18, 2015.  5:00 - 6:30 PM,   $250.00 per session.

This is an entry level class for 5-9 year old boys with little or some previous experience.    Boys work all six Olympic events each class!  


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Clark's Gymnastics is also accepting applications to our competitive team.  Boys with experience at Level 5 and Up may apply or if you are moving to the Mid-Shore Area and would like to continue we have room for you.



GIRLS CLASSES are now operated by Tidewater Gymnastics at Clark's Gym.  Call 410-822-7636 for class information.


Don Clark

Hello, I'm Don Clark, the founder and owner of Clark's Gymnastics.  Since 1966 I have been actively involved in the sport of gymnastics which I feel is the greatest sport on earth.  One that develops the total athlete, both physically and mentally.   In 1974 I started training boys for competition and by 1976 had the first boys team in the Mid-Shore area of Maryland.  At present I am the Senior coach in Maryland with the longest active career and also one of the longest active coaching careers in USAG Region 7. 

Founder of Clark's Gymnastics
Men's Level 5-10
Women's Level 1-10 till 2014
TeamGym till 2014

Associate of Arts  in Secondary Education, Harford Junior College 1969.
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education,  Towson State College 1971.
Masters of Science in Secondary Education, Towson State University 1980.
Professional Member:
United States of America Gymnastics,
Men's, Women's, & General Programs
USAG Safety Certified
First Aid Certified
Competitive Gymnastics: 
Perry Hall Senior High Gymnastics Club 1965-66
Baltimore Sokol 1966-1969
Member of the Towson State College Men's Gymnastics Team 1969-71
USAG Men's Junior Olympic National Championship 2003
USAG Men's Junior Olympic National Championship 2004
USAG Men's Junior Olympic National Championship 2005
USAG Men's Junior Olympic National Championship 2006
USAG Junior Olympic TeamGym National Championship 2009
USAG Junior Olympic TeamGym National Championship 2010
USAG Junior Olympic TeamGym National Championship 2012


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Office hours:  9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
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Since 1976 people have come from as far away as Annapolis, Delaware, and Salisbury because they know that we are SERIOUS -- serious about SAFETY, serious about TEACHING IT RIGHT, and serious about HAVING FUN! 

The mission of Clark’s Gymnastics is consistent with the stated goals of USA Gymnastics, our sanctioning body.  
       To develop opportunities for human expression, self discovery, and the joy of effort through challenging and vigorous physical activity.
       To test one’s physical resources, encouraging a sensitivity and awareness of one’s own body, thoughts, and feelings.
       To foster one’s mutual respect, acceptance, and tolerance, nurturing the growth and consciousness of human interaction.
       To synthesize the body, mind, and emotions into a harmonious, balanced, and unified being, capable of participating in the world’s society with a sense of unity and integrity.


Ty Fritz 1993
Gymnastics has grown to mean more and more to me during my 13 years at Clark's Gymnastics.  Before gymnastics, I was an energetic 4-year-old rampaging around the house, worrying my parents.  In an effort to harness that energy, they enrolled me at Clark's.  Gymnastics gave me physical strength, suppleness, perseverance, and endurance.  Eventually, it gave me the same types of values as physical qualities: strength, suppleness, perseverance, and endurance.  Those values became a part of who I am, and I carried them through high school.  Because of those values, I was a hard worker, both in and out of the gym.  All of that hard work paid off in an appointment to the Naval Academy, a place that will shape my future.  In short, gymnastics is both my past and my future.  It was a big part of my past because of the hours and hours that I spent at Clark's.  More importantly, it will be a big part of my future because of the person that it has made me into and the values that it has given me.

Naval Academy Team Member 2005-2008
USAG Collegiate All-American

Lt. Ty Fritz
 United States Navy

Tom Cruise eat your heart out!


Derek Gygax 1998
Gymnastics has shaped my life in such a way to make it far greater an experience than I ever could’ve achieved on my own.  Taking gymnastic has presented opportunities most people will never get to experience, such as traveling to foreign countries or meeting famous athletes.  It also gives you focus and shows you how important it is to push yourself everyday in order to move forward in life.  Taking gymnastics has been  the most rewarding experience in my life thus far.

Derek Gygax
College of William and Mary Gymnastics Team
2006-2010.All-American and three time qualifier to NCAA Championship

...dedication, loyalty, determination..."
"Ethan Barton" 1998

Gymnastics has been one of the biggest influences on my life and has been my greatest teacher.  It has taught me dedication, loyalty, determination, and an excellent work ethic.  These traits have carried over from gymnastics and into other areas of my life, including school and other activities.

Ethan Barton
Penn State University Club Gymnastics Team
Club President
2009 National Club Champion Team
2010 National Club Champion Team

Watchdog Reporter for the
Washington Examiner


  Our Adventure !
Clark's Gymnastics Boys Team News                                                                            Volume 39  2014 - 2015 Season

Adventures, Obstacles, and Rewards
15 March 2015
Maryland State Championship
Hosted by Fairland Gymnastics
Greenbelt, Maryland

The day of the Maryland Championships started out as a disaster.  The entire week I had been suffering with Kidney Stone pain, and Hollis Luethy was hurt and unable to perform.  Not a promising start.  The morning of the meet I started to pass out prior to leaving for the meet so I had to call Jon Fisher and ask for help with the boys as I could not attend the meet.  It was the only time in 40m years I had been too ill to attend a meet.  Arrangements were made at the meet for the boys to travel with another coach and Fairland Gymnastics graciously helped and were appreciative.  Hollis, who was unable to compete helped with the equipment settings.

Don Clark

Level 6, 11+:  Eli Fisher scored a 53.3 AA which was his best score for the season and was 4th on Rings. Henry Shifrin scored a 48.8.  Both Eli and Henry qualified to the Region 7 Championship.

Level 5, 10:  Sebastian Borland scored a 47.4 and qualified to the Region 7 Championship the hard way.  His scores on his first 4 events were fair but not as good as I hoped and at that point it was pretty close.  With 2 events to go he needed 15 points, that's 7.5 on each and he's in.  Next event - Pommel Horse and he got a 7.5.  Uh-Oh!  Last event was Rings and he scored an 8.9!   He's in!!

Next stop for the boys is the Region 7 Championships in Pennsylvania next month.


8 January 2015
Maryland Designated Qualifier #3
Hosted by Paragon Gymnastics, Elkridge, Maryland

This was the final qualifying meet for the Maryland State Championship and at the meet there was important improvement by the boys.  Now all four of our boys are now qualified.  Congratulations Boys!

Level 5, 9-10:  Sebastian Borland showed his best routines of the year and scored a 48.3 AA to qualify to States.  His scores came up over 4 points.

Level 6, 11+:  Eli Fisher gave his best scores of the season and scored a 52.2.  Henry Shifrin scored a 50.8, an improvement of nearly 5 points, and was 4th on Vault.  Lastly, Hollis Luethy did not have the day that he hoped because of illness and scored a 46.0. 


11 January 2015
Maryland Designated Qualifier #2
Hosted by Fairland Gymnastics, Laurel Maryland

The boys team gave very respectable performances and showed moments of brilliance as well as some major disasters.  At times they looked like the Baltimore Ravens and you needed a good dose on nitro glycerin to get through it.  This is one of those seasons; everybody working new levels, and most boys missing a significant practice time due to injuries and other events presenting them with adverse conditions.  I'm happy to say that they pulled it off and I was surprised to say that we may have a few contenders again this year.  Miracles do happen.

Level 6, 11+ :  Hollis Luethy was 5th AA with a 49.9 and was 2nd on Floor (tied for 1st), 5th on Pommel Horse,  4th on Vault, and 4th on High Bar.  Elijah Fisher scored a 49.0 AA, and was 5th on Floor, and 5th on High Bar.

Level 6, 9-10: Henry Shifrin was 4th on Parallel Bars, and scored a 45.0 hitting the qualifying score right on the spot.

Level 5, 9-10: Sebastian Borland scored a 44.2 and was 0.8 short of the qualifying score.

2015 Qualifying scores to states.
Level 4: 47
Level 5: 45
Level 6: 45
Level 7: 43

1 August 2014

This past month I have been doing some repair work in the gym in preparation for our first practice.  There are some changes however none of them are major.  Plans are underway to purchase a new spring floor so I will need the help from as many parents as are available to get the job done quick.  Last year the parking lot was in real bad shape most of the time and I plan on having a portion of it paved this fall.  See you soon.

Don Clark